Wednesday, 29 April 2009

It's been a while....

and I have just finished that Design brief analysis :)
In my defence, In the past week i've had a french oral exam, an italian oral exam, and a 10 hour art exam, so EXCUSE ME for not having time to analyse a design brief...

Daisy's exams:
Italian oral (god awful... seriously, she just glared at me the whole time. very un-nerving)
French oral (a lot better, i got some nice roleplays and mme burkey was very pleasant. she gave us chocolate :D)
Art (so. very. long. especially as i and most people finished within about 7 hours, so we just had 3 hours to do nothing. Although it's extremely downheartening when you look up from your project and see everyone elses is so much better...)

according to my sources, I haven't written since the beginning of easter, so I haven't had a chance to talk about luke (coming down to plymouth)

ohh we had a jolly time :) we walked around the barbican a lot (it rained very heavily) went to frankie and benny's (im not gonna go into the leg rubbing) went up a lighthouse (a lot of stairs) filmed some star trek stuff ("lewis, i would ask you to come with us, but you're just too much of a wanker.....") watched A LOT of doctor who (it made me cry :S) and went to the park ( :) )

but yeah :) it was good fun :) and it was great to see you again luke
love you

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