Saturday, 11 April 2009

Shocking failures

I am very sorry I didn't post yesterday, but y'know how it is... We went up to a friends house and played on the Wii and singstar, had a very nice time :)

Urrrm.... today today today... Went to town with Lauren, Amy and Izy... Then Jordan turned up, then went away... Then came back.. then went away again... Then I came home, did some revision (weeeeeew!) and got a very nice surprise of an email from my product design teacher, in that I've done quite well in this years work :)
However, re-read the email about what I have to do again for last years....

Jesus, it's a lot.

First point
Design brief analysis
and I go
I figured this must have been the thing that we did when Mr Garbage was covering... Hence I don't know what it is.

Apparently asking questions about things, so great! I can poke holes in any design. Problem is, I'm slightly wary, as it's my own. But the sheet says "this is the most important section" and I didn't do it at all, so its a shock I got this far into the course really isn't it?

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