Saturday, 4 April 2009


Weeell now.
In the run up to my exams (Bigg up the G to the C to the S to the Es) I have got myself one of those revision timetables.
I say got myself, because I was way too lazy to do it, so I used this wonderful website ( - some shameless advertising there) which someone in my form linked us to, where you add in all the exams you're doing, and the slots that you can't revise in, and it makes up your revision timetable for you!!
And it only took me 3 evenings to figure it out

But yeah, my revision timetable started this morning, despite me making the table one hour ago. So I've failed already basically. But I made it all, in pretty colours, and printed it out and made myself a stand for it. Because I have nothing else to do. That's right, actual revision takes a back seat when you have the opportunity to make a stand for your timetable.


I'll put a picture with a different blog, because I'd have to upload the camera especially for that one picture, and let's face it, I have too much revision to do.........

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