Saturday, 2 January 2010

Chipmunked Metal.

Is entertaining...

Mindless Self Indulgence (Shut Me Up) in very high voices. Nice one youtube.

Haven't done this in a couple of days, so happy new year, it's now 2010, which to be perfectly honest feels no different except that my mother appears grumpier this year.

Full on screaming at me and Zoe for noooo apparent reason whatsoever.
Need to get out of the houssse, and i've only been home for about 2 hours...

Anywhom, nothing really's been going on, except the exam (and my birthday) is now... 10 days away, i don't know any biology, no-one knows what to get me for my birthday, and don't fail to ask. Repeatedly. We (Me, Lauren, Greg and Chris) were sitting in the chinese earlier (of course) when my dear Carrie texted me asking what I wanted. Which started them all off of course.

I have a worrying feeling Greg will be purchasing something from poundland..... Ah well.

And I literally know no Biology. And I have history 8 days later. My debate (in my head of course) is that i should spend more time on the 3 subjects I will be continuing to A2, because i'm not going to do amazingly well in this or any other exam, coz of, yknow, the constant pain thing.
My reasoning is that i'm doing going to do incredibly well in either of the exams this january, but it would be better if i spent more time on the history one, so instead of getting eg. C and C, I got a D and a B.

That makes sense to me

But to mum its
"why can't you get B's in both"