Friday, 3 April 2009

Daisy's got herself a blog :)

Chances are I'll never write in it, I'll forget it exists, either that or I'll forsake it in the run up to exams and won't update forever. And ever. And ever.

Or I'll forget my password, because it has to be 8 characters long. Now that's just annoying. My password's usually 6 characters, or 7 at a push. Never 8.

Therefore, I have a new password, that NONE OF YOU WILL EVER GUESS

And neither will I.

Oh right, for the record, I have this because Luke got one, and it looked like funzies. I have my very own blog entry on Luke's *looks proud* so Luke, here's your section

LUKETH (I'm looking for an underlining tool, but don't think there is one...)

One of my greatest friends, I love him very lots, but he's one of these people I love to much to fancy. If that makes sense. But yeah, he's always there to talk to me when I'm not feeling great, and (I hope) I sometimes help when he isn't feeling great. But in conclusion, I love him very much. What would I do without him eh? (And I'm NOT being sarcastic!)

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