Monday, 11 May 2009

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I am officially on study leave.
This means I have to study.

Ah well, only day 1, and i've revised biology, maths and urm... oh thats it. Oh well, time for a Kit Kat, eaten very slowly because i am not feeling too well...
But i have most definately been working hard, and now I'm gonna do a painting or a drawing or something for the front cover of my revision folder... Coz i'm that good.

Urrrm... Later I have to go to guides (I say have to, because I haven't been in about 4 weeks) and tell Mandy about the jobs i'm putting her doen as a reference for (tee hee) and talkin of that Mrs B hasn't replied... It's very weird asking teachers for things like that... it's just like "uhhh... please?" but pfft I'll probably end up working in the... shop of... crap....

For what I hear you ask?
Shoes, yearbook, school trips, clothes

Anyway, seeing as i'm off school now I may be blogging more regularly even though all my computers are being annoyiiiiiing they're just not working... So i've got my laptop uo, which works... just not very well... Anyway, now I gotta find a picture to draw with charcol...

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