Monday, 18 May 2009


At the moment, i'm doing my english revision. I'm pretty sure it's not enough, but lets face it, it never is. Ah well, i can only do my best, which unfortunately never seems good enough but what can you do.

Only 4 more exams (English, ICT, Biology, Italian) to go until my weekend. I'm going into town on Friday with Louisa Lauren and Chris for prom bras and piercings, followed by a job interview for Next at 4.50, then on Sunday I'm heading up to Cardiff avec ma famille for reemer :D:D I can't wait :)

After this weekend is half teerm, a break from exams to... revise i expect...
Well, Monday i'll still be in Cardiff, Wednesday I'll probably have an appointment with the sub-accute back clinic (sigh) and Thursday is Frances' birthday, so my schedule is free for that day just in case hehe

Hoping to get to Exeter to see Luke and maybe Ian at some point as well, coz yknow, i miss them in the absence.

Anyhoo. My mother is threatening to test me on English, so i'd better revise some more Rita. Haven't done any Mockingbird yet but i doubt i'll sleep tonight so i'll do it then.

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