Thursday, 24 December 2009

Sitting with a pen through my ear.

Apparently expanders don't come in size 7. Who knew. So i've had to go to an 8, which means its a liiiiiiil bit too big....

The pain clinic was good :)
v nice doctor, had a clue what he was on about, kept reffering to it as my disability, and saying stuff about being disabled.
which i surprisingly don't have a problem with.
i like being able to actually justify calling it a disibility, which i can now the doctor's been saying it.

ive got some new medicated dressings to put on my back, im gonna get reffered to the hospital phisio for hydrotherapy and they can help me out with crutches, theyre gonna give me a TENs machine, and get me a consaultation with a special pain hospital in bath.

so woop :)

and yesterday was gooooooood :D i successfully caught the bus, and met all of Greg's family, (slightly odd, but theyre all lovely) and they like me so :) and spent time with greggg which was nice, then we came back and went to dinner at anna's which was luvleh :)

CRIMBO EVE is upon us. i've been sitting around cleaning allll day, hopefully lauren and harry are gonna pop round for a bit, coz harry's meeting the parents (7 weeks after they started going out may i add. 2 weeks for me and greg :L) sooo maybe i'll have some company in a bit :)

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