Saturday, 26 December 2009

Merry Christmas one and all :)

Santa was kind to me this year, as was my grandma and uncles and mum and sister :)

I get alternative christmas on the 27th, wih dad and all the rest which should be good. I need a new LED torch...

The pain's been very bad these few days. This morning I had to lie in bed for about 40 minutes until i could attempt getting up.
Mum appears to be more aware of the whole thing, which i've only noticed in the past few days... since i restarted this blog. Which is good. I'm very pleased about that, maybe it means she'll be able to help me out more in later times.

Right now, i think i may head off and do a bit of guitar hero :)

Here's to new year, coming soon :)
me and the matees are gonna head to the hippo and then back to someones house, cant remember whos :L hopeefuuully greg will be able to come... he said he wasnt sure :(

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